In response to an age-related increase in deaths from chronic diseases, the CODE-YAA@PC-EDU project (COST Action CA22127) was born for integration and improvement of education and training in palliative care.

CODE-YAA@PC-EDU is an acronym for “COllaboratively DEveloped culturallY Appropriate and inclusive Assessment tool for Palliative Care EDUcation” aiming to set quality indicators for establishing a gold standard for high-quality palliative care education and training. By developing and employing CODE-YAA as a freely accessible, new culturally and ethically appropriate inclusive evidence-based self-assessment tool, CODE-YAA@PC-EDU will measure, explore and promote access to palliative care education in the Pan-European region, focusing on primary health care, which is considered the most sustainable and cost-effective model for palliative care delivery.


To participate in our CODE-YAA@PC-EDU project, please klick here for more information.

CODE-YAA@PC-EDU Grant applications

EAPC 2024 13th World Research Congress grant: For detailed information and grant awarding criteria please klick here.

Grant application timeline:
Open of call: 5th February 2024
Deadline for application: 31th March 2024
Decisions: 15th April 2024
Dates of attendance at the EAPC Research Congress in Barcelona: 16-18th May 2024
Deadline for the reports submission: 17th June 2024

CODE-YAA@PC-EDU 1st Working Group Meeting in Yerevan

Education in palliative care plays a crucial role in ensuring that healthcare professionals have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide quality care to patients with serious illnesses. Meetings and projects involving experts from various fields such as medicine, nursing, psychology, social work, and more can help in sharing best practices, research findings, and innovative…

Congratulations to Henri – Andreas Mullalli, MSc, our CODE-YAA ITC conference grant winner!

We are happy to announce and sincerely congratulate the winner of our CODE-YAA@PC-EDU ITC conference grant: Henri – Andreas Mullalli, MSc from Galilee Palliative Care Centre (Spata Attica, Greece) His abstract entitled “Symptom Burden and Concerns: Integrated Palliative Care Outcome Scale upon Admission to a Palliative Care Centre” was accepted for poster presentation at the…

Tara Cook Award and 1st OPG Science Award for Action Chair Piret Paal

  Our sincere congratulations go to Action Chair Piret Paal for receiving the international Tara Cook Award 2024 for Innovation in Neuropalliative Education and the 1st Science Award of the Austrian Palliative Society (OPG) for her outstanding efforts in Palliative Care. As this year’s awardee of the prestigious Tara Cook Award by the International Neuropalliative…

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